Lizzie – new home

This morning we went to see someone locally who has a stall available – I’ve been looking for a new barn where I can have turnout for Lizzie. This one had a gorgeous stable block, but practically no winter turnout and just very small, hilly pastures for summer turnout. Plus a small, irregular-shaped menage, not very useful for dressage schooling. Too bad.

I’m still somewhat spoiled by having had horses in Los Angeles for so long. Even in the city, there’s tons of open country to ride through, very little roadwork, and most barns are full care (that abundance of cheap illegal Mexican labour). Ventilation in American-style barns is good, and most have pipe runs attached to the stalls, rubber matting and automatic waterers, which you rarely see here. God, I miss that. Anyway, I drooled over their stalls for a while, the heaters and waterers, and her enclosed wash rack with heaters and hot running water. *sigh*

I’ll keep looking. It’s really too bad that Lizzie can’t handle the massive group pastures at the farm…they should be horse heaven, but she panics and would run herself to death if I tried to make her stay in one. Plus, no one would be able to get another horse in or out around her.

Such a problem child.

I wish this cold/infection would go away. At least the infection has broken, and now it’s in the massive stuffy stage, and my nose feels as though it will bleed if I touch it. Waaaah…I’m so bad at being sick. I admit to being a real complainer. I’m such a…guy about it.

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