Lizzie Enigma

I had a gorgeous ride on Lizzie yesterday. She is the most puzzling, contrary mare that I have ever had. You can’t turn her out without her stressing and panicking, she’s terrified of other horses, her ground manners are a nightmare, and I can’t clean her stall with her in it because she threatens to bite and kick.

Take her into the arena, however, and she brightens – her neck arches, she starts flicking her toes out like a show pony, and she is an absolute dream to ride. She’s extremely forward, of course – but that is what I was looking for. She is brilliance, and power, and elegance; you just have to think about what you want and she flows into the movement.

I can’t begin to get inside her head. She’s happy in a very circumscribed, unnatural life. Most horses her age that have been in heavy training for years are getting a bit sour, especially if they have no time to just chill and be a horse. She seems to thrive on it. She wants to be in her stall, alone, or working in the ring.

So odd.

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  1. Sounds like a good start for an ABC Family TV series! hehe. There’s a show over here called Wildfire that just started about 2 months ago. About a wild horse that only one girl can ride, and she (the horse) hates the real track but does perfect in the fake training track. etc, hehe. actually there’s more girl/boy drama than horse drama in the show, but they try to keep an even balance. It’s a good show. anyhow, your post reminded me about that, seeing as Lizzie appears to have so much quirky personality :).

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