As I’ve written (ok, complained) about recently, the weather has sucked ass. When I get home, driving through the sleet or rain or whatever, freezing cold, and I know that I’ve paid to have Lizzie fed and bundled up warm…it becomes very easy to wuss out and not ride. Now, Lizzie couldn’t care less if I ride or not, but she does expect me to come out and give her a hard feed and groom her and pay attention to her. She gets pissed if I don’t. Yesterday I went out and found her in a royal snit. When I walked into the stall, she knocked me (literally) flying backwards into the door with her head, and then was a picture of eye-rolling, snapping, kicking pique. She was having a major equine hissy fit.

Today, she was lovely. As we all are, I suppose, after throwing a major fit – you have to make up for it. (She’s SUCH a girly-girl!) I just lunged her, but she worked in her lovely outline, neck arched, flipping her toes out. Such a pretty thing. :)

I just love her to bits.

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  1. Lizzie found the perfect mom in you. Someone who *undersands* her tempers but still doesn’t spoil her too badly ;) perfect!

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