Living Dangerously

I took Lizzie out for our first ride out on the roads, suitably kitted out in hi-viz gear for both her and I and my new body protector. She was tense, but good in the heavy traffic (NONE of which would slow down when I signalled – bastards), but bounced around a lot past the construction work on a house. Overall a success, although it will take a long time to really trust her out on the roads, knowing how she is when she loses it and panics.

I really, really miss having actual countryside to ride in rather than narrow lanes with tons of traffic. If you’re riding out in the countryside and your horse spooks and bolts, you’re generally ok as long as you can stay on the horse. (Knock on wood) I’ve never been hurt, as eventually you can find enough open space to begin to circle them, or a hill to turn them into, or whatever. Add lots of speeding cars to a bolting horse on paved streets, however, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Everyone is back at work now, and I feel odd being so adrift. But there are jobs being posted, and I got the first call from an employment agency this morning, so hopefully I’ll find something soon.

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