Well, I’m going to be very sad and post in my blog a lot. Our net access was down for much of the day today, and when it came back, I was the first to post in my blog. Sad, too sad.

Well, like the best intentions, my new hair has faded. I’m hot and sweaty from walking at lunch, and I’m starting to lose the fight against depression.

A list. That’s what I need. A twelve-step list on How to Get Your Life Back.

1. New hairstyle (done – see how efficient I am?)
2. Start exercising again. Tonight.
3. Start riding again. I miss it too much. (both kinds, ha ha ha)
4. Get a new job. Duh. I’m tired of being so poor.
5. Meet someone? No, That’s presently on hold. Wouldn’t be fair to me. That’s just not who I am. Guys who pay me extravagant compliments are a good thing, tho, and very much appreciated.
6. Only six? I’ve run out of ideas. Unless we want to be silly:
7. Become online dominatrix. “You’ve been a VERY bad boy, haven’t you? Take your keyboard, and smack it across your ass! Again! Harder!” …naaah.
8. Run away and join the circus.
9. Become a bullfighter.
10. Learn to fly.
11. Learn to lucid dream.
12. Marry well, and luxuriate in horses and champagne. And gorgeous dressage trainers from Portugal.


Ok, I’ll wake up now…

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