Another bizarre Japanese doll link. What is the fascination with dolls? These pics were a bit strange.

I used to be quite scared of dolls when I was a kid. Not in the daytime, of course, and never of Barbies or small dolls, but I couldn’t sleep with larger dolls displayed on shelves. Their glassy eyes were too shifty and real-looking in the darkness. I had terrible nightmares.

When Morgaine was small, one of the in-laws gave her this life-size child doll. It was soooo creepy. She couldn’t sleep with it in the room, either, and had to shut it into the closet before she could sleep. Personally, when I was a kid I was terrified enough of my closet without putting a huge doll into it. That would have seemed like a recipe for child-eating doll disaster.

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  1. You are not alone in the fear of dolls thing, my best friend at school threw one of her dolls out of the window once when I told her it was winking at her, I really spooked her. Her mum was not happy with me.

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