Like Falling Down a Well

Everything is so manic lately, too much to do, no time to write, no time to sit and think.  The project is going well, and we’re slowly fixing all of the broken areas.

It seems like the only playtime I have is raid time, which is less fun than it used to be.  Magtheridon, not a hard instance, is causing us cube-clicking problems right now.  If you’ve learned that instance, you know what I mean.  Warlocks have a lot to do in this fight: banishing, fearing, keeping Curse of Tongues on casters, plus DPSing.  And I am also on cube-clicking.  I logged off in tears last night.

I’m there, right behind my cube, well in advance.  I have Maggy selected, so I can watch for the blast wave castbar to start.  I see the icon on the cube indicating that I can click on it.  I go to click and hold at the right time…and can’t interact with the cube.  I have no idea why.  The only thing that anyone else could come up with is that perhaps I’d accidentally clicked on it during banishing or fearing and got the debuff, and I suppose it’s possible…but I’m not sure.  I went through something weird a few months ago where all of my right-click buttons suddenly decided to be left-click only, no idea why.  I learned to left-click.  Perhaps my ailing computer has some issue that prevents me from left-clicking it – I have no idea.

But I am NOT looking forward to tonight.

I did take a little bit of personal time this weekend and took my bank alt out for some action.  I have a baby warrior that I keep as a bank alt.  She’s long been stripped of all her weapons, etc., so I had to gear her up again (yes, there was some twinkage involved).  I had fun slaughtering Defias in Westfall…I really like her.  Oh, sure, I’ll hit Stranglehell in a bit and lose the will to live, but for now we’re having fun.  Once I remembered what all the buttons did.  :D

Well, back to the mines, no rest for the wicked, blahblahblah…

3 thoughts on “Like Falling Down a Well”

  1. Informative yet funny. Art is bit lacking, but well, you can’t have everything;-)
    Seems like reality just do not like to cooperate when it should – I swear, I was mistargeting our arena team warlock every time I needed to land life-saving spell on him. I blame my keyboard!
    Take it easy Fox-Girl, and take care!

  2. Hey, you. :) I need to play on Moonglade again…it’s been ages. You want to know the really funny thing about it? After all of the discussions of left-click and hold (does that mean left-click and hold the button down, or does it mean one click and then stay in place for a few seconds?), what I actually found out was that it was a RIGHT CLICK AND RELEASE, BUT STAND IN PLACE CHANNELING!!! Not left click! You bastards!!! :D

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