Ever have someone in your guild that you really, truly despise?

My warlock is level 55 now, soon to be 56, and I am finally thinking about getting serious about making the final push to 60, and attunement for MC, Onyxia, etc. I hadn’t wanted to rush it, considering that it’s all over after that except for raiding; with my alts still working on quests, though, perhaps it will be ok.

I admit that part of my lack of excitement about reaching 60 is due to my extreme irritation with one person in the guild, who is only interested in raiding and PvP. When I say irritation, I mean irritation to the point of wanting to leave the guild because finding a new guild and starting over would be a more attractive option than listening to her dominating guild chat all night. Quitting the game, at times, would be preferable to listening to the mindless void with verbal diarrhea that will not shut up about herself. When someone congratulated her recently on reaching 60, she said “thanks, well, everyone really wanted me to reach 60, so I did.” That’s big of you, hun – how generous to do it for the good of the guild. Grrr….

We have had months of her pestering everyone to let her come on raids even though her character was in the 50’s. She has been demanding help since I started playing, then typing /cry, /cry more to make it clear that she’s pouting. Just recently she was asking for mats for fire resistant gear, and when told that the tanks get that gear first, she got all huffy and said that she’d have to buy them for herself if the guild didn’t help her out.

She is the sand in my virtual thong. And I can’t let it go, because she’s impossible to ignore. I’m not sure what to do.

Ok, rant over. But I dread logging on at night and seeing that she’s on.

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