Levelling Madness

My baby shammy is now level 53. My played time at level 50 was 1 day, 12 hours and change. Not all of that is actual play time, since I’ve been levelling herbalism, cooking, fishing, and enchanting, which count towards that total. Each time we play for a couple of hours, we end up doing three levels or so, and rested bonus never goes down. It’s madness!

And to think that we only did the Recruit A Friend thing because P. wanted the mount. :)

I’ve taken a few days off this week for my birthday (it’s a disastrously huge birthday, a milestone birthday, and I think I needed the time to prepare myself mentally!), and so I think that today, with another few hours playtime, we should be in Outland. Easiest levelling ever.

Feels almost as fast as getting older in real life. The years seem to go by like some cosmic Recruit A Friend programme that I don’t ever remember signing up for.

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