Letter to My Horse

Dear Lizzie,

I know that you can’t read, and if you did would only visit MySpace and the celeb gossip sites, but I wanted to tell you something (I’ll tell you again in person tonight just in case you don’t get this).

I’m sorry that you’ve been lonely. I know that you’re kept in luxury in on a very posh farm, but it’s still not the same as having your own special slave, I mean person giving you treats and kisses. I heard today that you’ve been very down and sad, and that made me sad.

I’m coming out tonight. And I’ll be out most nights after that, I promise. My project is finally going live next week, and I should be feeling better with much less stress, and we’ll get healthy again together.

You’re my Queen of All Horses.



4 thoughts on “Letter to My Horse”

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