Leotheras the Blind…and Dead


Leotheras down on our first night. We didn’t one-shot him, but I think he went down on our third or fourth try. It was so awesome. And then, to top the evening off, we went to say hi to Vashj. It was a short-lived visit, as she obviously wasn’t in the mood for company. The word “nasty bitch” comes to mind, actually. She one-shotted the pally who had ninja-pulled her for fun, and went after the rest of us. (Note to self: Vashj doesn’t reset.)

I’d taken a week off from raiding. Work was horrible, and I was stressed enough that anything during a raid would lead to an over-emotional scene. I thought it best to take some time off and come back when I was more human. This was a very good re-introduction…and I got an awesome sword: Fang of the Leviathan. Now I just need to grab some badges to get an offhand, and re-do my enchants, because at the moment I am terribly gimped. But a very good night, overall.

And that moment when we first saw the bridge come up…I don’t think I’ve experienced a more jaw-dropping moment in game. It was awesome.

3 thoughts on “Leotheras the Blind…and Dead”

  1. What, you are bullying handicapped people now? Who will be next? Some Broken on crutches?;-)
    Gratulations of course!

  2. Grats!
    You should put up a screenie of Ravven from time to time, so we can see this… big sword of hers! ;)

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