Leek Show

Lizzie’s leg is better; she’s putting weight on it now, anyway. She felt good enough to bite me as I was taking her wraps off. lol…she’s so grouchy about being stallbound. Her face looks like someone in a total snit, ears back, nose wrinkled up, total frowny face.

The place where the vet was injecting into the vein on the neck is having a weird reaction; all the skin in that area has sloughed off. The vet said that some horses are like that, everything has to turn into a huge drama and they over-react to the slightest thing. Yaay.

Off to get shavings, and then stop by the Leek Show. I haven’t had a chance to see any of the big county shows yet, as they are usually held during the week. A lot of people from our stable are competing…I’m trying to not be envious.

I hate being on the sidelines all the time. :(

4 thoughts on “Leek Show”

  1. dryadmeagenn

    Glad to hear she’s feeling better. At least she’s feeling good enough to be pissy-LOL.

    I hope you don’t mind–I friended you so that I can keep up on her progress easier. :)

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