Lazy Weekend

We’ve been enjoying the time off, although P. has been very sick. Last night, along with waking every so often with Phil, I was awoken by thumps and banging coming from the front room where the giant rats live. They can practically move their steel dog cage along the floor when they want to be let out, so I kept ignoring it and rolling over again to sleep. This morning, when I went to check on them, I found that Anansi had evidently nipped out when I went to give them their evening meal of fruit and salad…and had been out all night! He wasn’t amused.

Went on another long ride today, as a security blanket for one of the pony girls who had lost confidence after a fall. She was afraid to do the gallops, and so wanted to stick close to Kip and I, since he is too slow, too soft and basically too bone-lazy to keep up with the others on the gallops. It was a good ride, aside from the rain. I felt quite dizzy and sick, I think having caught whatever Phil has.

And now, we’re off to his parents for his birthday dinner. NOT up for it. :(

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