Lazy Weekend

The Aion open beta is almost over, and before the end of the month we’ll see pre-selection, headstart and launch. Overall, there were an enormous amount of issues with the client and with the much-hated GameGuard software. This would be per expectations if this was a normal beta client, and not a westernised version of a client that has been live in Korea for some time now.

I fail to understand why customer service fails so badly during betas. I’m not talking about small, independent game companies who are releasing their first game, I’m talking about huge, established companies with many AAA releases under their collective belts. Why is it so hard to convey information and manage the community during betas?  Most of the developer communication and updates on Aion was via Twitter – how ridiculous was that? Some information did make it to the fan forums, but much later than the Twitter updates.

Ok, rant over.  :)  Once I could actually get in and play, I levelled another Cleric on the Elyos side for a change prior to launch. I don’t mind the Elyos starting areas (although I think the Asmo ones are prettier, less pastel), but I really, truly do hate the Elyos capital city. At one point I logged off in disgust rather than doing my training at the thought of running back to the other side (or paying for transport). Pandaemonium just seems to make a lot more sense. It’s probably the same size, but it feels as though I’m running less. I do think the floating clouds on the Candyland side are pretty, though.

We started a legion, so I had a lot of fun doing graphics for the site, emblems, a Facebook page, etc. Yeah, at the moment it’s just a small group of friends, but we’re more official now.  :)

Aion aside, we had a very quiet, lazy weekend – which was much needed. I continued on my “homesick foods” trend by making buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken…lovely. I read tons of books. And today, I bought art supplies for the new project.

Blank white paper is so scary.

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  2. Haven’t made it yet. :) My parents are sendnig a care package of some things I couldn’t live without, like jerky and sunflower seeds and perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs. Yum!

  3. There is some wacko, who sells jerky via internet in Poland and advertises on every frigging forum on every occassion – like, for example: “Honour 11th September and buy yourself a jerky like Americans do”. I kid you not.
    I don’t know if it works, but he is doing it for at least two years.

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