Lazy Sunday

I’ve been doing a bit of work on the computer, I rode this morning, and otherwise have been lazing around having a “me” day. I’ve been eating mini rum truffle balls and drinking Malibu and Pepsi…how immature is that? lol… Also watched an old tape I had of a couple of the Beauty and the Beast episodes with Ron Perlman and Linda Hamilton. Anyone remember that series? *sigh* A bit (ok, a LOT) sappy, but very romantic and I loved the costumes and the underground world and the way Ron Perlman looked.

Phil is sick today – we’d gone out last night to eat a a local carvery that has been safe in the past for his egg allergy, and there must have been something contaminated with lechethin or egg, because he’s been quite ill. :(

Beanie, our favourite ferret, scared me to death this morning. He’s normally the first to wake up, but Trouble and Tink were both bouncing around while Beanie just lay there kind of flattened in the hay with his teeth showing, looking very…dead. I was so afraid of finding out that that was the truth, but I felt him, and he was warm; when I picked him up, he just flopped bonelessly in my hands and I was starting to cry when I felt a faint heartbeat and then he gradually woke up. I know they sleep very deeply sometimes, but I’ve never seen him do it. Possibly because of the cold, I don’t know. I’ve checked on him twice today already. I would hate to lose him, he’s such a special little guy. The others are happy outside, but Beanie really, really wants to be a house ferret.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday”

  1. catwithclaws

    eeep. ferret induced heart attacks are NOT good. Ever since I found Dingo dead (that was 5 something years ago), I’ve been extra-nervous about them. I’ve never had the deep-sleep experience, although have heard about it. But I do tap the cage to see if their heads rise up to peer at me, or at least watch for a breath on the fuzzy bellies, at least once a day or whenever I walk by. Paranoia :P

    ps. I *loved* Beauty & the Beast when growing up, even if I had to sneak into the kitchen to watch episodes on rerun :P they should have that on dvd in a few years, the rate they’re pull old shows out of the trash bins :D

  2. Sorry about your Dingo – that would be a horrible shock. I’ve lost several ferrets over the years, and it’s so difficult.

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