Lazy Sunday Night

I intended to do a lot of things today. Housework, for one. Finish the revamping of the SpiralDance pages (if you will excuse the weak pun). Working on putting Shadowland online. I did none of those things. The vodka and Pepsi could have contributed to that, of course. ;) Plus, it rained. I am so sick of damn rain. Guess I picked the wrong country to move to. lol…

A case for retroactive birth control: Yesterday Phil and I were driving back from his parents’ house in Knypersley, and stopped to let a small, curly-haired tyke on a bike get out of the road. He held his place in front of our car for several long seconds, then slowly circled to let us pass, glaring at us with a curled lip. As we passed, he yelled something that sounded suspiciously like “fuckers!” We looked at each other in disbelief – “Did you hear what I thought I heard?” I felt like going back and knocking the little bastard off his bike.

Found a very active UK pagan community, aptly named UK Pagan. Intelligent, thoughtful people, very few crazies or fluffies. I’m going to lurk for a while, and then hopefully meet some interesting people.

Phil and I are closer today…I feel better, anyway. (He IS playing on the PS2 again tonight, tho!) I suppose I need a lot of attention, or I feel neglected. A better way of saying it would be that I need a lot of time alone, reading or whatever…but it has to be my choice. Not alone by default. I don’t care if that sounds high-maintenance. I don’t care.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Night”

  1. wandringsoul

    Sometimes, the car analogy fits…

    Like a Jaguar – you are: sleek, fast, exotic and luxurious…but in need of constant attention…

    Better that though than a Morris Minor…


  2. lol…well, I suppose that I would rather be a Morris Minor than a Ford Focus, or a Ka, or whatever. Something boring and efficient. :P

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