Lazy Sunday Morning

We are just starting to move again, after a big fry-up and slow start (a bit sore-headed after too much wine last night!). We have a very nice visit last night from the wonderful Vampwillow. It’s always interesting to meet people who you only know online; I’ve never had any bad experiences (knock on wood); the people that I’ve met so far have always exceeded expectations. Anyway, good night, good conversation, good company.

The weather this morning is warm-ish (relatively speaking) and blue, so we will get dressed and go out to the stable while it’s nice. All shopping has been done, and the pantry is well-stocked with food, so I am satisfied. Let it snow. I wanted to start working Kipper during this vacation period, but I desperately need to find a shoer to come out and do his feet, as they’re getting a bit long. The bills for the multiple vet visits and medications are mounting, and it’s going to be a lean Christmas.

Anyway, season’s best to you all. Bless us every one. :)

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  1. “good night, good conversation, good company.”

    I almost used those words in my own write-up of the weekend’s events … very true and nice to meet you both!

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