Lazy Leveller

Still hovering two levels underneath 50 on my cleric, where I have been for some time now. Sometimes I quest, sometimes I do warfronts or just ride around picking flowers…either way, she seems firmly stuck where she is and the XP bar doesn’t move an inch. I’m still enjoying it, and I don’t regret my six month subscription – but the desire to level is gone, and I’m in no rush to be “finished”.

I think part of it has to do with people. Our guild is laid-back to the point of being antisocial, with very little guild chat. Sometimes it’s nice, as I’m wiped out from work and not very talkative myself, but sometimes it feels uncomfortable and on those nights I play something else. I am a bit disappointed with all of the people in the game who are trying to min-max all the pleasure out of just playing the spec you love, and I’m not looking forward to raiding – unless I can find the right group for it.

So a bit meh, but still enjoying it. I think it’s one of the most solid games to come out in a long time. I’ll have to make a final decision once I make it over that huge hump to 50, and have a chance to see end-game.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Leveller”

  1. Guild chat is a little quiet, and I have to admit at times I feel a little frustrated by it, but then I’m as guilty as the next for not saying much as I can be a right anti-social bugger. I shall endevour to chat more!

    I’m also a little trepidatious about raiding in the game, as I feel there may be an ‘ideal’ build I’m supposed to have worked on, or that I’m not geared up correctly (something that I hate). I’ve also noticed that people seem reluctant to experiment with different grouip compositions, especially at the lower levels. I struggled to get a group for Iron Tomb on my Archon because the class doesn’t comfortably fit into the ‘holy trinity’ which seems to be all that PuGs want. Also several players have admitted to me that they didn’t even know what an Archon did, and so god forbid they may take a chance and deviate from the prescribed ‘perfect’ dungeon group! The game’s soul system is dynamic and imaginative, but these two qualities seem to be lacking in most dungeon groups I’ve joined. OK, /end rant.

    Morc out!!
    Nanoo Nanoo

  2. It was fun tonight, thanks! I loved the drunk gaming stories, which brought back a lot of memories. <3

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