Lazy Day

Aside from the customer service lady with the voice that can strip paint from the walls, there is practically no one here; it’s been very nice. The Bad Copywriter™ has been given permission to work from home one or two days a week – I don’t know how he swung that, and why the rest of us aren’t able to work from home. *tsk* He doesn’t do any work even when he is here, so I don’t know why it should bug me that he’s at home doing no work, but it does.

I haven’t actually been doing a lot of work myself, to be entirely honest. We’re supposed to be testing a login process (log in with expired membership data, then record what happens. Log in with valid data, record same. Log in with right membership and wrong password. Record. And so on, in IE and Mozilla.), but its making me crazy so I’m taking a break to eat lunch and read blogs.

After lunch I’m going to install Apache, MySQL, PHP, and phpMyAdmin on a laptop so that I can start working on a new version of the intranet. Woo hoo. Later we’ll actually be able to buy a new box so we’ll have a place to put it…hence the laptop.

Ok, I plan on working on some personal projects, as well. So sue me.

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