Last Post Today, I Swear

A co-worker, back from holiday, had a funny story this morning about being mugged on a pier in Wales.

He was attacked (pecked sharpishly around the head and shoulders) by a seagull, while its mate made off with his wife’s ice cream cone. Afterwards they saw the same pair do the same thing again to someone else. The ice cream vendor said “Yeah, that pair does that all the time.”

One of the tech guys who was listening to the story said “That guy probably spent all winter training those bloody seagulls, knowing that you’ll have to go back and get another ice cream cone.”


6 thoughts on “Last Post Today, I Swear”

  1. wandringsoul

    You should perhaps retell your seagull story…and your lucky escape from god knows what illnesses!

  2. I knew you would HAVE to bring that up. I HATE seagulls, they’re spawn of the devil. Kill them…kill them all…

  3. dryadmeagenn

    Alka-seltzer tablets make them explode. It’s cruel and I wouldn’t do it, but I’ve heard the stories from several sources. :( That particular pair of gulls needs to be caught and dealt with by animal control or whatever similar organization you have there.

    (And barring that, well…)

  4. I’d have screamed. I can not stand seagulls. They just look evil. The have odd beady eyes and always look like they have fleas. I almost had a panic attack last year when one of a group of friends started feeding them near us. I had to go and sit on my own so I was not near the birds.

  5. I’ve heard of that…hmmmnnn…not that I would ever advocate cruelty to animals, but BOY do I hate seagulls. :)

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