Last Entry…We’re Off!

I’m just clearing up a few things here at work. I have my last paycheck, and my desk is clean. How sad. :( I’ve really done nothing of any use here this morning…did a lot of talking about the trip, mainly, with Shaun, Josh and Lisa. Josh is my oldest friend here, from wayway back. We came here from LA together, ages ago. I’ve know him since he was a skinny seventeen-year-old. Shaun was hired into the Web Department before I was. I remember when he had hair down to his waist; I wanted to paint him so badly. :) We’ve all hung out together, drank too much at clubs, bitched about work, had fun together. So many good friends that I will miss.

Well, I will write again as I can. We are off like a herd of cats, all disorganized and pulling in different directions. First down to Los Angeles, so that I can apply for my spousal visa, and then off to London…I can’t wait! I am so excited.

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