Last Day of Slackage

I’ve been working from home this week (no point in driving in if we’re not actually getting paid), but next week I need to actually go in. No working from home dressed in sweats with a vodka and pepsi at my elbow rather than my standard water. No popping on to play AoC. :) I need to start signing up for raids again, as well. I think I’d had about all the stress I could handle, and was bound to snap someone’s head off if I raided.

Dravven is 30, and I’m still having fun with her.

i r electric

Sightseeing I

Sightseeing II

And my new ranger, who is for some reason the very first male character that I have ever felt happy about playing in a game. Although you can’t make anything other than a musclebound male, he still doesn’t bother me.

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