Land of the Living

One of the blogs that I read, Everyday Stranger, had a post recently that made me laugh:

I’m going through one of those cycles again where I don’t really have much to say, but don’t want to do the blog stereotype whereby I dramatically announce my retirement, all the while clutching my cape to my weeping eyes and begging all of you to leave me,  just leave me!, and then sobbing upon my return, whereby I clutch my hands to my bosom and recite some Sally Field-like “You love me, you really love me!” spiel.

Said cycles are apparently huge fans of the run-on sentence.

Yeah, we’re all guilty of it occasionally.  :D

Anyway, I haz a job. It’s in search optimisation, which is something that I always did as part of UI/UX/IA design, but didn’t think that I would ever specialise in. But the company seems stable, and my boss seems both nice and interesting, so it is something that I am very much looking forward to. Most importantly, I feel that I have joined the land of the living again!

Aside from that, I have been denied my EVE fix due to the Apocrypha patch, which has totally borked my client. I’ve tried everything suggested on the forums, to no avail. Meh.

And in Warcraft, I’ve been speed-levelling a pally. Well, speedy in Paladin terms, that is. :)  Anyway, she’s now 21, and I’m actually having fun on her.

Can I do the Sally Field thing now?

3 thoughts on “Land of the Living”

  1. Can’t you see its related? When You denounced your evil warlockery and frivolous huntery and turned towards the Light, something good happened to You:-)

    And seriously, it’s great that you got a job, and have fun with your baby pally. I can’t remember how it feels leveling lowbie one, started Ren in January 2006, besides, class was turned upside down twice since then.

  2. She’s level 24/25 right now, and easy to play if not very exciting – I’ve walked away from the PC to look at something while she was whacking away at a mob. :) Hunters will always be my love, but I wanted to try a hybrid class. I like her.

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