Ravven, my long-abandoned warlock ex-main, is now 74. I haven’t been playing very much. I finally managed to upgrade some of her gear, since what she was wearing was in style back in our Serpentshrine days.  :) It’s been that long since I played her. It’s not bad, actually – I think some of my feelings about never wanting to play her again had to do with wanting to raid so badly with Kitsune, and being denied – the hunters in our guild being a very tight-knit group that preserved their raid spots jealously.  :) The down time bugs me a bit, but obviously it’s nothing in comparison with playing a mage or whatever. I will always be spoilt for other classes by loving hunters so much.

Aside from that, I’ve been trying to do the raptor mount questline Horde-side, but it’s taking ages since the quest where you look for silithid eggs is bugged for me, so I have to drop that one every time. On Alliance side, Kitsune is just doing dailies…I think she makes me feel guilty. I swear she looks at me reproachfully from her spot in the character screen.

As for the rest?  Not much. I haven’t been in a gaming mood lately. I keep Runes of Magic updated, but haven’t played. I haven’t opened Guild Wars in ages. Especially with the Aion launch coming up, I think it’s good to take a bit of a break. I tend to play obsessively in the honeymoon phase of a new game (hell, I’m taking a week of holiday for Aion headstart!), and a break now is good.

Or maybe I’m just feeling lazy…

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  1. Hi Ravven,

    Talking about WoW, i too have a tauren hunter resting eternally (lvl 62) on the entrance of Dark Portal. Not even my priest, my main for now, is at 80 yet, need time and mood to play WoW, specially with the expansion on the horizon.

    I liked Aion alot, and like you said, i also love the honeymoon phase of a new game. I still feel a certain nostalgy when i pass by Bloodhoof :)

    About you feeling lazy: Well you play 4 MMOs… and with work and personal life I think its hard to handle all of them.

    /take care

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