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Kotaku has a great review of Aion…I SO cannot wait for this. Check it out at: Wings: Original Recipe Or Extra Crispy? This is the one game that I have been lusting after for ages (aside from the World of Darkness MMO which may never see the light of day – or see the light of the moon, to be more accurate).

Raiding has been good, and I’m very much enjoying our Sunwell attempts, wipe night or no. I feel more on an even footing with the rest of the guild, and our first Kalecgos kill will be more satisfying for me than taking down an already-on-farm Illidan.

And in hunter news, introducing the coolest damn pet ever! Hopefully they do make it an exotic pet, rather than a wolf skin, because wolves sort of suck in raids. I am going to have to go BM again, because of exotic pets. That’s part of the allure of playing a hunter, for me – I love my interaction with my pet and they all have personalities.

The stable slot issue is bothering me. Yes, we get five slots now, and that’s better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick any day. But why not allow us more? In terms of database usage, that can’t take more records than keeping bankfuls of gemmed and enchanted gear, for instance. I can’t see any reason for limiting hunters to just a few pets.

I have quite a shopping list: the above demon hound, the glassy named elite chimaera in Netherstorm, a devilsaur, and so on. And I can’t let Ennui, my black armoured boar from Razorfen Kraul, go. Yes, I could let him go and then tame one of the same boars later, and he would insta-level…but it wouldn’t be him. I suppose that sounds silly, but it would be like your pet hamster dying when you were a little kid, and your parents replacing him with a new one. “Look, here’s Chippy, he’s back!”  You wouldn’t believe it as a kid, and it wouldn’t feel like my old friend.

I’m odd that way…

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  1. I had Ressan the needler from level 1 to 50. Stupid white bat.
    It was MY stupid white bat.

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