Kitsune’s Journal: Mending the Circle

Kitsune rose from her fur-covered camp bed, attempting to not disturb the smaller animals who were curled sleeping in the warmth. Not wanting to disturb the silence, she decided against building up the fire, and walked to the door. Ennui, her black armoured boar followed her, ever her constant companion.

The mist was just clearing as the sun rose behind the trees, edging the silver leaves with the palest gold. The woods were still silent, as though the whole world was holding its breath in anticipation of the dawn.

Kit silently paced to the rock in the clearing and knelt, clearing her mind and opening herself to the wakening world; Ennui stood behind her, his wise old eyes watching the brightening wood.

Morning meditation finished, she remained on her knees, still deep in thought. It had been difficult to still her mind this morning, and the peace of the woods didn’t fill her as it normally did. There was something missing, something that had been on her mind over past weeks as she hunted through the woods that she knew so well.

It was time to go back. She had been alone for too long, and it was time to rejoin the world of elves and humans. She would try to forget the scars that her long captivity had left, try to find forgiveness, and try to find a home among her kin again…if any of them still existed.

She would find her daughter, her child born of terror and pain. She would mend the circle.

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