Kitsunecho Dings

This weekend, Kit hit 60, after 12+ days played – four days faster than I did it on Ravven. She dinged in Burning Steppes, and I was trying to get a good ding shot, so I got very very close and then looked for a Black Drake to kill. Finally found one (I dodge them every few minutes when I’m trying to do something else). Killed it, with interface minimized etc….and didn’t ding. Just shy of the necessary XP. So I dinged on a Wyrmkin. *sigh*

After dinging 60 she did ZG and AQ20 the first day…no loot, but quite a busy day for a brand-new 60. We also tok down a world dragon. I did my Nat Pagle fishing quest, and my next project with her is to tame a black panther with stealth in ZG, and a Bloodaxe Worg. :D

Quite a busy weekend…and with Ravven, our guild took down Anub’Rekhan in Naxx. Finally!

Miz and Ravven are the Ninja Sisters.

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