Kitsunecho: Attuned to the Core

Today, via a very kind offer from a friend on Moonglade, Kit did her attunement to the core. I was quite nervous, which was strange – I would have been bored with Ravven. Neither she nor Ennui embarrassed themselves, which is good. Good group, too – good players, good conversation.

She finally managed to complete Onyxia attunement up to Marshall Windsor, as well. Doing Dragonkin Menace was tough because of all of the farmers and bots camping that area, running their set patterns with Boar or Cat. I finally decided to make a game of it, and try to use the bot to kill my tagged targets…to some success, since they were usually much faster at tagging things that I was. Fucking gold farmers really piss me off.

We’re enjoying a lazy weekend, as next weekend I go back to the States for a visit. Very nervous about it.

They decided to give me a new title at work: Web Director. No more salary than I had as Project Manager, though. :/

We’re starting (initial planning stages) of a phase of the project that I am very excited about, the 3D social/game area. An MMORPG, actually, that could be used for 3D chat or teaching or gaming. We’re working in partnership with a local university, as they’re excited about the project as well. Should be fun.

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