Kitsune No.1: The Kawaii


This is an experiment. This first episode contains a lot of stuff that isn’t mine…concept art from EVE, and a few bits and pieces from the net. I haven’t drawn anything in ages, and was unhappy with the totally hand drawn version. As I get more confident, I’ll draw more and more of it. I’ll redo this panel at that time, when I can do it properly.

The fingers forget what they used to know…or perhaps I’ve just forgotten that I never could draw very well.  :D

2 thoughts on “Kitsune No.1: The Kawaii”

  1. Thanks, it was actually sort of crap but it’s a beginning. :) I’ve been wanting to do one for ages, and this finally gave me the incentive to actually get something done. We all have to start somewhere, right?

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