Kitsune & Kawaii

This is a series that I plan to continue which is set in the world of EVE Online. It’s mainly an exercise in learning to draw again; I’ve been doing a lot of photo manipulation work, but very little drawing and painting, so it has started as a hybrid of both. There will be a lot of CCP concept art and screenshots, but I hope to draw most of the characters eventually. (I’m trying to overcome the fact that I simply cannot draw on a Wacom tablet, and also that I cannot draw the same face from frame to frame – which is sort of necessary for drawing a graphic strip.) Anyway, please consider this a work in progress and be kind. :)

Characters (So Far):

Kitsune Aeryn, intrepid girl pilot.

An as-yet-unnamed kawaii. The kawaii are genetically-modified creatures created as pets. They are marketed under the generic name “kawaii”, which refers to an Old Earth language word which meant “cute”. They are intelligent, and created to retain infant characteristics. There are many different varieties, and the very rich can have a unique pet created to order. The one that Kitsune took home was based on the Old Earth fennec fox.

Shan V’Zhou, station agent. Kitsune’s nemesis.


Episode One: The Kawaii