Kip Update

Pete the Wonder Vet came out today to see Kip before he moves to New Zealand (the vet, not Kip), and he said that he was VERY impressed with how well he is doing. He was pronounced healed enough for limited pasture turnout (the tiny “sick” paddock) and limited work starting in the new year.

In other news, I had another jumping lesson last night, which went very well. Sally put up a small-ish spread fence and we finished the session with canter work, rather than trot-jump-canter. I don’t know why that feels so much worse, a nice controlled canter isn’t that much faster, but it feels scarier. Larkin will probably be sold to one of the local hunt masters, unfortunately, and I will miss my lessons on her. She is so absolutely honest in her jumping, and she’s given me back my confidence, which has gone missing for many years. She’ll love hunting, though – she doesn’t like hacking out alone, schooling bores her, she just loves jumping.

It sounds as though a full motorcycle gang has just driven by – how bizarre. Our street is one of the very twisty, narrow ones, and there is a school across from us. NOT the street for idiots to be racing motorcycles down.

Well, as soon as I finish editing the video of Larkin from the last dressage show, I will burn it on CD and then try to take Kip out for a walk. His first in ages…picture me as a kite being towed behind a running child, and you’ll get what is probably an accurate representation of Kip taking me for a “walk.” :)


2 thoughts on “Kip Update”

  1. I’m laughing at picturing you and Kip – the child and a kite analogy :) I’m glad to hear that he is on the mend though. Hopefully you will find another loan horse so you can carry on your jumping lesons in preparation of Kip being fully fit.

  2. It was quite interesting. Even with a stud chain, he was off the ground more than he was on it. At three years old, he’s in that total idiot stage. :)

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