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Last time I went to the library (we’re much too poor now to buy books, so farewell my Amazon habit), I got an armful of books out of the “Young Readers” section. I’ve found some of the best books that I’ve loved from there: Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy, the Chris d’Lacey books, Inkheart, and so many more. Of course, we won’t forget my beloved Harry Potter books, re-read so many times.

I think a lot of good fantasy novels (pre Harry Potter, anyway) were marketed for the teen market because they didn’t think they would be as successful if marketed for the general market. So you make some wonderful finds if you’re not embarrassed to haunt the kids’ section.  :)

One of the books that I got was Kamira: The Sky Village, a sort of post-apocalypse fantasy of a balloon village floating over a futuristic China where beast, meks and humans fight in epic battles. It’s very much worth reading.

The other one was Before I Die, which I’m only half way through. It’s a gorgeously written book about a girl who is dying of cancer. She has a List of things that she would like to do before she dies, which so far includes having sex (“I want to feel the weight of a boy’s body on mine”), saying yes to everything all day long on one single day, committing a crime, and so on. It’s a beautiful book.

It made me think about my own list. There’s a universe of stuff out there that I’ve never done. If I knew that I was dying, what would I do?

  1. Swim nude in a pond or lake at night, under the stars.
  2. See the Northern Lights.
  3. Go to Ireland. I wanted to go with my family for the first time, it would have meant a lot to me – but now I just want to go.
  4. Travel. So many places I want to see. Egypt, for one. Greece. Although that makes me think of Shirley Valentine saying “I want to drink a glass of wine in a country where the grape is grown”.  :)
  5. Compete in a three day event.
  6. Be kissed in Paris.
  7. Write, illustrate and publish a children’s book.
  8. Get the celtic knotwork bands tattooed around my arms just above the wrists which I’ve always planned. They will indicate being bound to a path, and I haven’t been serious enough about it yet.
  9. Do something completely mad…my Thelma and Louise experience. Which hopefully won’t end with a car and a cliff. But even so.

Ok, I’m going back to reading. Because you know?  Life can’t be ALL horrible when you have good books, a fireplace to read them by, and cats to keep you company. That’s enough for tonight…it’s pretty damn fine, actually.  :)

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  1. You are SO right :-)
    Have you read The Book Thief by Zusak?
    Usually found in the Teenage section – it is one of my favourite books ever. It is narrated by Death himself. I think you’d love it too.

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