Kestraal Through the Dark Portal


My baby paladin managed to struggle through the last levels before 58, and then hit Outland. I’m ok once I can do that, it’s the old areas that I really struggle with. Starting areas are great, and sometimes when I’m very stressed I’ll start a character just to play the starting areas. But pretty much the whole middle area between starting and hitting Outland is a struggle for me (after so many characters).

That’s pretty much the only thing I did this weekend – I had a major case of the blues and didn’t feel like doing anything. I spent hours curled up in front of the fire, reading a book, with a cat at my side. Although not exciting, it sure is theraputic.

I couldn’t get rid of the mental countdown: “it’s Saturday night, only one more day and then I have to go back to work”. “It’s Sunday afternoon, and Monday is almost here”. It’s terrible to spend an entire weekend with a sense of impending doom ruining your free time.

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  1. It’s coming slowly. :) Drawing is really, really hard for me – especially since I’ve worked in digital photomontage for so long. But I still think the idea is good, even if the execution doesn’t satisfy me yet.

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