Kazzak Down


After doing a quick Void Reaver run, we went on to Magtheridon last night and were sidetracked by the news that Kazzak was up, so we decided to take him.  It took most of the night, not helped by griefers who kept trying to tag or pull him.  But we finally got him down, our first world boss.

I’m not sure what it is about this guild…we always get there in the end, but it generally takes a lot of wiping on first encounters, even easy ones like Lurker Below.  (I can still hear the GM/raidleader over TeamSpeak, frustrated almost to incoherence, saying “What is wrong with you people?  Thees boss is so easy, he is a stupid fish.  You are playing like noobs, worse, like stupids! Do you have a peanut in your head, or do you have a brain? I wonder! Come on, he ees so easy…”  Poor guy.  We’re plodders, but we get there in the end.

If nothing else, I suppose raiding in MMOs teaches you persistence.  You can’t give up if you can’t waltz into a new encounter and one-shot a boss,  you have to keep trying.

There’s pride in finishing marathons, even for those who finish when all of the cheering crowds have gone home.  :)

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