We got several new guildies yesterday, one of them one of the main tanks from our old guild…that had to have hurt them to lose him.  Not that I wish anyone ill, or want to be a bitch (I try to be a nice person, really I do), but really.  That is what happens when a group of previously nice people become total jerks.  We all predicted this – if your “A Team” ten players who are running through Karazhan leave the rest of the guild behind, refuse to help them, tell them to piss off and run heroics to gear up if they can’t get guild runs, then eventually you find yourself ready to take on 25-man content…and realise that you have half the people that you’ll need.  Pure karma.

Last night I couldn’t get the Shattered Halls runs that I need to get the rep for the leatherworking patterns that I want, so I helped someone with their BM attunement.  It didn’t go too badly, and I didn’t hate it as much as I normally do.  I love playing Kit, I just wish that I could get some better gear.

Four day weekend coming up, and I am so grateful for it…AND the weather is nice, which is a freakin’ miracle.

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