Juvenile Delinquent

This morning I was walking Kip out to the pastures, on the lane behind the old school; it was raining, so I was under an umbrella with him walking a couple of paces behind me. The was a workman in a donkey jacket carrying his lunch in a plastic shopping bad walking along the same lane. I hear him make a noise, so I looked around, and realised that Kip has drifted over to the workman and has tried to snatch his lunch bag from his hands. My horse almost mugged someone for food! hahahahahaha…

Rather than take a lesson last night, I asked Sally if she would school Kip instead. It was gorgeous. I mean, he did do some resistant noodling around before he settled, and put in a massive buck at one point when she was trying to make him canter, but when he was good he was AMAZING. When he’s all round and moving out properly, he looks like one of the heavy German warmbloods, an Oldenburg or Hannoverian; you’d never guess he was Cleveland Bay. Everyone was commenting on how gorgeous he was. Sally said that, even though he has a huge trot and is covering a lot of ground, it’s very easy to sit; the canter obviously still takes a lot of work. It was very encouraging.

More about work later…

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  1. I wonder what he’d do for someone’s sugarlumps! *giggle*

    It’s great to hear about his progress. :)

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