Thank god it’s Friday. This is officially One of the Worst Weeks In History™ – it’s true. Due to unforseen problems, I went back and ripped apart all of the templates and includes. Much tense discussion, as somehow we have to pull a usable version of this massive site out of our out of thin air by the end of April, and be ready for full go-live by the beginning of September. Gah, I feel shattered and torn.

I need to ride. I desperately need to go riding. But the barn is so frigid that even with my heaviest winter wear, I can’t stand it. And Lizzie hates it.

Last night in game I made the really, incredibly stupid mistake of running up to the massive gates of a Horde encampment, forgetting that I needed to sneak through a broken gate in back, and I may as well as stripped naked, painted a target on my chest, and sung songs in front of it. Thanks to the higher-level friend who was following, laughing her ass off, I escaped although my voidie died and we both had PVP flags on (fair game for characters who would normally ignore us). n00b.

Please, please, let it be 5:30…there’s a massive vodka with my name on it waiting.

2 thoughts on “just…about…made….it…”

  1. Hey… will you email me the link to the site? I’m always curious…. :).

    Sorry your week has been so rough. The weekend will most certainly help.

  2. It’s not “live” to the outside world yet. When we open it up to the first test users, I’ll send you a link. :)

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