Just Frickin Wonderful…

I woke last night, from uneasy dreams, at 3:00 am. Heard a weird plop-plop-plop sound, as if water were dripping. The bedroom is on the second (what you here in the UK would call the first) floor of a three-story building. Doesn’t compute. Got up, stepped in a wet puddle on the carpet. Half-asleep visions of a dead person dripping blood on the floor above. *shakes head* No, that’s nonsense. No water on floor above, which is the computer room. Phil crawled through the troll door into the crawlspace, and saw that water was coming through somewhere by the attic/dormer window in the computer room. Damn, blast and hell. We cannot afford this right now. The wall behind my computer, which does show signs of old water damage, is damp and scarily bulgy underneath the wallpaper. I’m a wuss, and I think I’ll wait until Phil gets home to tear the paper off and see what the bad news is.

That was the bad part. The good news is that I’m off for the rest of the week. I’m doing a bit of housework along with the computer work. I ordered a self-hypnosis CD for people who are scared of jumping, and it came today. I’ll try it later. Hey, you never know. ;)

Back to dishes…yawn…

2 thoughts on “Just Frickin Wonderful…”

  1. wandringsoul

    Ok – NO tearing off wallpaper!!!!!

    I know you…once you start that’s it…anyway – from what I saw there’s no water damage on that wall, it’s just an old wall…the water was dripping clear past the wall itself…

  2. wandringsoul

    Oh and self-hypnosis CD?

    I wish I’d been able to complete the hypnotism course I started…it’s always fascinated me…

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