just another meh post

…feel free to skip.  In fact, you are advised to.  :)

Hey, it’s my birthday, I think I can be a bit blue today.  Today and yesterday we’ve had issues with our development server, which went bang yesterday.  Not bang, but !!!BANG!!! – I think I must have cleared my chair by about eight inches.  Took the power supply in the main 3D dev box, as that was free, and tried it…that one went bang, as well.  Two days lost.

But we’re back.  I’m working on code and the new layout and Flash galleries and the new version of the project plan.  Soooo tired.  Last night I got home, ate something, and thought about going online…but I would have been totally useless.  Not the state that you want to be raiding SSC in.  (Especially after the last run, where the raid leader said “whoever doesn’t know their positions on this fight will be kicked out of the raid”.  Since I hadn’t seen that boss, hadn’t the faintest idea which boss it was even, I thought about raising my little virtual hand and saying “I’ll save you the trouble.  I have no idea where I’m supposed to be standing.  Actually, I haven’t the faintest idea where we are, or who this boss is, so I’ll just leave now, ok?” :)  It was The Lurker Below, as it turns out…that’s who was waiting in the seemingly empty pool.  lol, so confusing when you’re too tired to see straight.

Ah, back to work.

3 thoughts on “just another meh post”

  1. I hope that this coming year is one filled with adventure and excitement! And not of the *BOOM* variety ;).

    I miss you, babe. I hope that England is everything you dreamed of and that you’re happy there.


  2. I miss you, too. I’d love to see both of you and Angel as well. England is wonderful, and I’m happy here…it’s the job, really, that makes things tough. Everything else is great.

    I’m still expecting a visit, you know… :)

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