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fanboyWhen you picture the typical disgruntled player who is the bane of customer services reps for MMO, you kind of picture a certain type…probably a spotty teen who wears a lot of black and lives in his parent’s basement. A younger, less sexy Snape type. He is the one who threatens to cancel his subscription if the servers are down, or says he’ll “never buy that game in a million years” if he can’t get a beta key. Like that will “teach them” something. *snicker*

If I’m honest, though, I have to admit that fanboys come in all shapes and sizes. My size, not to put too fine a point on it. You wouldn’t think that web professionals who aren’t *quite* as old as Madonna would be more polite, less rabid. You think they’d be reasonable if they didn’t receive a beta code the frickin’ MINUTE after they pre-order the collector’s edition of the game. But no.

I’ve been waiting for Aion for an eternity, ever since I first read about it. And now that the wait is almost over, and other, less-deserving asstards are enjoying the beta, I am practically foaming at the mouth that I pre-ordered the limited collector’s edition (do you see the rays of holy light streaming down on it? do you hear the choirs of angels singing hosannas in its honor?) that should guarantee you beta access, and I haven’t received my code.

I’m taking this personally. I will be the bane of NCSoft’s existence. They’ll wish they never, ever pissed me off. I’ll cancel my limited collector’s edition and spend the money elsewhere.

In reality, though? I’ll just whine on the forums and then pay for the game like everyone else.  :D

2 thoughts on “Just Another Fanboi”

  1. Noooooo. Get that beta key sorted! Where did you buy it from? I got mine instantly when bought from the NCSoft store =(

  2. I bought mine from Play.com. I just left a snotty review on the site because they clearly state that you will get one.

    I haz teh power to QQ!!! :D

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