I’ve sent my CV out so many times that I’m feeling like a spammer, I’m punch-drunk with it all. Now, just after the holidays, new projects and positions are being listed, and that’s a good thing…although none of them are anywhere even remotely close to where I live.

I got a confirmation back in the mail that I had applied for a position with a firm in Slough.  I looked at it and said “Did I really?  Fuck me, I must have.” I’m losing track of things. Not only is Slough roughly five million miles from where I actually live, it is not on my list of most-desired locations to move. Sure, I’d consider a move to Oxford or London or Paris. But Slough? Get out of town.  :D

My hatred of employment agencies is deepening. I still am inundated by calls for jobs on the other side of the country for skillsets that I don’t possess. I found an awesome, dream project management/ecommerce marketing manager job that was *gasp* just up the road from me, and the agency felt that I was “too technical”. Please…tell me that you even understand one line from my CV, then make an evaluation as to my techiness outweighing my suitability as a…well, a suit. Having some actual skills that allow me to have a valuable contribution to a project should not immediately rule me out. You know what?  Tech guys don’t respect suits, we tend to think they’re glossy-haired idiots. We blow smoke up their asses about deadlines since they haven’t the faintest idea what we do, and how long it takes.

Remember this?


The tech version is a suit hearing “blahblahblahblah six weeks of crunch time blahblahblahblah”.

Ok, /rant over.

But I really do loathe and despise employment agencies.

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