Job Update

I talked to the lady from the employment agency yesterday, and although she thought the feedback from the interview was very positive, I get mixed messages from it. She said that they were extremely impressed by my technical and marketing knowledge and skills, and that my career-level was much more “senior” than they thought they’d have access to. But they also need to think about how the new person would fit into the team, and about the possibilities of advancement after hire.

What does that mean? Does it just mean that they fear that I would leave because I had no path open to advance my career? Does it mean that I came on too strong during the interview? I know that I tend to take charge in situations like that, I tend to ask a lot of questions. But I don’t think I come across as bossy or brash, I just know what I’m talking about and I tend to get intense about things that I care about.

Or perhaps it means nothing…I don’t know. All I know is that I want to be out of the company where I am now, whatever it takes.

2 thoughts on “Job Update”

  1. It sounds to me like they think you’re suitable for the role, but would soon outgrow it and they fear they wouldn’t be able to offer you advancement in your career. It can be frustrating to hear, but it’s a compliment in that they believe you’re the type to progress rather than be happy to lay stagnant for years on end :)

  2. Yes, I hope you’re right. The interview felt very positive, but I would hate to think it was one of those interviews where you feel as though you’re doing really well and they’re thinking that you’re crap. ;)

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