Jett: In And Out In Outer Space by Marayah Sweet


Or, How I Learned to Channel My Inner Barbarella

Jett: In And Out In Outer Space was one of the covers that I had the most fun doing. It needed to convey both sci-fi and erotica, as well as a sense of fun. Barbarella was one of the initial images that the author had sent, and it seemed perfect both in style and that very tongue-in-cheek sexiness that we wanted to convey. I’ll never be one millionth of the artist that Frank Frazetta was, of course, but it was fun to try a cover in that style.

Reds, golds, tons of rich colour. Big phallic guns – or in our case a 50s style rocket ship. Tentacles. Alien sex, oh my! Did I mention how much fun I had while doing this cover? :)

This is our Jett.


Jett Book Cover Art

I thought it might be interesting to add some images to show how stock photography changes during the creation of a cover, when a model goes from being a bland stock image to being a representation of a character. The girl that we picked had the right attitude, but needed flesh and softness and lushness. Boobs were enlarged, as were hips and thighs. The waist was nipped in.

Book Cover Art

Ah, if I could only do this in reverse in real life! :)

A lot of work on done on her face to make her less angular, open the eyes and add a fuller, more lush mouth. Tons of copper hair was added, and Jett was born.

Book Cover Art


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