I’ve been a bad, bad person…

I haven’t raided since Monday night.  Our guild raids five nights out of seven (too much if you ask me) and you’re expected to be doing heroics on off nights for gear.  This week it was just too much for me.  I’ve ended most days with a headache so bad that my vision probably wasn’t adequate for driving, and at least once I was in bed before 9:00.  That’s sad.  Anyway, I was a bad raider and let the side down, blah blah.  Sorry guys.

The project is moving along, and the unresolved issues (read: bugs and unfinished code) are slowly being fixed.  I’ve been interviewing senior developers and redoing some of the furniture models for the 3D areas.  Avatars are being animated, and we’re designing pets (something like a cross between a speaking animal and an imaginary friend).  We had an interview with a prospective PR person.  And the week flew by in a haze.

I wanted to play, I really did.  I haven’t done any of the Brewfest quests, the ram racing and pink elekk hunting and so on.  It sounds like fun.  I just couldn’t handle raiding.  In the old 40-man raid days if you were tired or sick or completely plastered, you could usually still raid without anyone knowing as long as you didn’t do anything spectacularly stupid like bodypulling.  If you died because of your inattention and stupidity, it was generally no big deal. It’s different now, in the current 25-man setup.  The recent issues with Magtheridon have proved that.  Everyone has to be on their game, no one can make mistakes or you wipe the entire raid.

So, no ram racing for me.  No cute jackalope pet (I forget what they call it…but if you grew up in Northern California small towns, you will recognise it immediately from the postcards.  lol…)  Oops, I can hear the whip cracking, it’s back to work.  It somehow doesn’t make it any easier knowing that it’s my whip.  :)

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