It’s My Birfday

Well, today was the day that I became officially older than God.

We went out to dinner last night (despite much whingeing on my part about how sick I was) and had a wonderful meal. Mmmmnnn, swordfish with Thai coconut-chili sauce and sticky toffee date pudding after, lots of wine and Irish coffee with dessert.

I went out to the stable early this morning (I finally gave up trying to sleep without coughing, it was impossible), hoping to let Lizzie have some grazing time, but I forgot that it was the day of the thrice-damned shoot. *sigh*

I was walking down through the wood and down the hills to the bottom pasture to get Kip, when I saw the most gorgeous picture: the light was golden on the fields, and there was a fox just coming out of the edge of the wood, all highlighted against the darker trees. God, I wish I’d had a camera.

We went shopping and I bought tons of goodies to soothe my birthday-wounded soul: cous cous with roasted veggies, Thorntons Caramel shortbread, Halloumi cheese, french bread. :) Also a bottle of Moët & Chandon, which we’ll drink out of plastic glasses tonight. Don’t ask me why, it’s symbolic in a kind of mixed-up way. Something to do with not giving a shit about being older than god. *s*

But now we’re going to take Beanie, one of the ferrets, on a run at the farm, while I feed Lizzie. He loves going out, and we hardly ever take him.

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  1. catwithclaws

    Ooo! ferret romp!


    someday I’ll have my own place and ONE part of it will be a run — for the rabbit most of the times, but I’ll lock her up and let the ferrets romp outside too. Will bear watching since I know they are better escape artists, but still! I look forward to letting them romp outside freely. I’ve done some on a leash but it’s hard sneaking them around :P I used to live next to a park where I could take Alanna out in the evenings when no one else was around.

    Hope Beanie has a blast :)

    (and a lovley food birthday to you!)

  2. We have the kind of sliding figure-eight harnesses and leads for them; we just take Beanie because he’s the best-behaved, and more than one are too difficult to manage. I used to keep ferrets in Los Angeles, and I was always terrified that someone would see them, or my daughter’s friends would tell someone, and we’d lose them. :(

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. :)

  3. Happies today to you …

    “older than god” hmmmn. don’t understand that, but as I’m older than you that makes me feel even older!

  4. Sorry to be nosy…just reading your comments. Is ferret ownership illegal in the US? Every farm here seems to keep them.

    Happy Birthday… I hope you enjoyed your champagne.

  5. Glad you seem to have had a fub birthday. :)

    Ferrets are a blast as pets! Sneaky, adorable, mischievious little thieves that they are. ~giggle~ My ex-bf had one and she was always stealing stuff to hide under his bed…or behind the entertainment center in the living room…

  6. It depends on the state; they are illegal in California, which is one of the largest chicken and egg producing states. I once ended up on the bus ride from hell, because I wanted to take the ferrets in the hold of the plane, couldn’t make any connections through California, where they were illegal, and couldn’t connect through any states were they were legal, since it was winter and too cold to carry animals in the hold. Frustrating.

  7. You don’t look it, though. Although I’m sure that you can relate…we both work in fields where we’re easily twenty years older than anyone we work with. It makes me feel old.

  8. I once made a list of everything that I’d found under/in the couch…everything from food to jewellery to socks (MUCHO socks!).

  9. thanks, though I’m not sure anyone else’d agree with you if they saw me first thing in the morning! but indeed, the industry we are both in can certainly be terribly ageist (and sexist as to what jobs are “suitable” but let’s not open that can of worms this early in the day …)

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