It’s definitely a Monday

Too cool: Discovery toys is selling an $80 toy called the DNA Explorer, which allows small children to extract and sequence the DNA from a variety of foodstuffs. (lifted from Boing Boing.)

In other news, I was trying to keep busy today by experimenting with online learning materials. It’s supposed to be part of my job, actually, but none of the teaching staff are interested in actually contributing any ideas or source material, so I haven’t had much to play with. Anyway, I’ve always loved the Anderson & Brown version of The Massacre of Glencoe, so I decided to do a multimedia version of that bit of very sad history. The first Google result hits a page that comes up as:

Access Denied
You have tried to access the Web page:
Which has been blocked because : Blacklisted
Management have deemed that access to this Web page is inappropriate at this time. Please contact your supervisor if you feel that this is incorrect.

What the hell? Blocked by our version of SuperScout/NetNanny. Phil tried to email me some of the text. The third page was censored and I just got a message telling me that inappropriate material had caused the mail to be placed in quarantine. Jo looked at the page (since her profile is fine, and mine has problems); the only thing that we could figure out was that the page had the word “naked” in it once. Thank god I was spared from accidentally coming across the word naked. I don’t think I could have handled it…my fragile sense of morality and professional responsibility would have snapped and I would have spent the rest of the day downloading porn.

Have I said that I hate my job?

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  1. What you mean you don’t spend all day downloading porn? I thought that is what super-fast work connections were for:)

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