It’s a twister!

The wind has been insane over the last day or so. I could hear it in my dreams last night, and this morning we had to go out and make sure the ferret house hadn’t blown away.


Kipper is living in style at the new barn. He’s higher than a kite right now due to a combination of the windy weather and the newness of the new barn. Several people have said to me “He’s quite vocal, isn’t he?” lol… He trailered very well, for a baby who hasn’t had much experience in it, although when I asked him to walk out of the front ramp he launched himself like Pegasus out the doorway. Evidently the ramp was a bit smallish for his liking. The lady who trailered him for me just laughed and said “Well, that’s one way to do it, I suppose.”

I’m getting more of a handle on what getting the new site up will entail. This is such a HUGE undertaking. I mean, the company I worked for in the states underwent this same transition, although we didn’t purchase an ecommerce/CMS/data mining package, we wrote our own. There were teams of programmers, teams of product and content people, and decent tech support/server admin backup. Here, there is…me. Also one lady who was doing their old static-HTML site, not much technical knowledge, and an old-school guy who is supposed to be managing the project, but he doesn’t have a lot of current web-related knowledge. There is a demo site that comes with the package, so it helps to see how they’ve implemented it, and I’ll be able to copy over a lot of the JSP scripts/templates and adapt them to our use, which will help. But they’re talking about the site going live by the end of Q2, which is going to be damn tough. I’m quite nervous at this point.

Aside from work, not much to tell – there hasn’t been room for much else lately. Phil took a hard fall down our stairs and has been in a lot of pain; last night we rented a DVD, and I just massaged his back and neck during most of it.

I hope you all are doing well; I managed to go through most of my friend’s posts, but commenting has been hard. It will be easier to keep in touch with everyone once I’m more secure at work, and I can LJ at lunch.

7 thoughts on “It’s a twister!”

  1. Sorry to hear about Phil … those stairs of yours are quite steep (I slipped on them at one point but grabbed for the rail quickly enough).

    Enjoy the coding! (end of June is, at least, 14-15 weeks away)

  2. *BigHugs* on much compassion regarding the busy-ness. I hear ya.

    Hope Phil recovers quickly.

    Am typing this on 486 with itsy-bitsy display. It appears that I inadvertently fried my motherboard (which was probably marginal like my graphics card) attempting to flash the bios to resolve a usb issue. So work is now backing up at a rapid pace and after spending the entire morning yesterday crying and being pissed at myself for not staying within my realm of limited computer knowledge I am trying to see the silver lining in being forced to catch up with the laundry today.

    I hope your Sunday is better.

  3. SO happy you got Kip to a new place! After he settles down, I hope it’s going to be more agreeable to both his and your temperments.

    best wishes to Phil … I hate back injuries with a passion, having suffered them too many times.

  4. I am enjoying it, actually. Or at least I’m enjoying it right now, when it’s all in prepatory/planning stages and I’m not yet totally overcome with panic. Not being a coding goddess like yourself, I know that it’s going to be quite difficult. But it’s better than being bored. :)

  5. I think he’ll like it. They have eighty-something acres of turnout – I think he’ll love it! I’ll have to take some pics and post them – the barns here are so different than in the States. Very few airy, American-style barns, at least in this area. A lot of them are very old stone buildings, little ventilation, no drains, no rubber mats, no frills. But very aesthetic. :)

    Phil will probably see a doctor tomorrow – he’s in a lot of pain. He even has a round bruise on his stomach where he hit himself with an elbow during the fall! Ouch.

  6. Miss YOU lots!

    Sorry for such a huge delay. Andrew put a new motherboard in my computer on Sunday. Fixed it right up. Yay for having a working machine again.

    Hope you’re doing well.

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