Is there a building I can jump from, please?

God, I feel so sick. There have been so many problems…my stomach feels as though it’s eating itself from the inside out. Basic launch is next week, and there is still so much that is not working.

One developer out sick today, and constant polite arguments with the other one, who is very bright but more of a software developer than a web developer; his English isn’t great, and I blame a lot of bad code on him not understanding the spec and my explanations…but perhaps he’s just ignoring me and doing what he wants to. Do over, do over, do over…so much time wasted. Constant very polite conversations with the print designers about why you can’t have pixel-perfect translations to the web that work for all users, so there has to be a middle ground. Gah, I’m tired of polite arguments.

Worried about going back to the States, trying to fit a wedding in Idaho and a visit to my very sick sister in Reno and then a visit to my parents and other sisters in Nowhere, North California, all in a week. Last time I had so many problems with my connecting flights, I finally spent $1300 on a British Airways ticket to return home or I would have had a nervous breakdown. I’m worried about going through Customs in the present climate and explaining why I live here now.

Back to hell. I wanted this, I wanted to be here…and here I am. :(

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