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1 – Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 – I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.
3 – You’ll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 – You’ll include this explanation.
5 – You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

1. What are your dreams for Kipper? Where do you want to be with him in a year’s time?

Next year he’ll be four, so I want to just have him solid in the basics, including a little jumping. Cleveland Bays mature very slowly, so I want to let him grow up a bit before doing anything other than what we’re doing right now: going forward willingly, listening to the aids, learning a work ethic, seeing the sights. At five, though, I’d like to try some novice-level horse trials/eventing. He should jump the moon (although I’d probably fall off!).

2. What do you love most about England?

I love the buildings and the countryside. I grew up in the mountains of Northern California, just south of the Oregon border, so this soft, rolling countryside is very different for me. I love the old buildings, of course – being American and all. ;) But I try to not walk around going “Oh, how quaint!” lol… I love old, stone farmhouses and barns.

3. Name your favorite color and what it reminds you of.

I’d have to say my favourite colour, according to my wardrobe, is black (everything is either black or charcoal, with a few splashes of red). I hate pastels; I like jewel tones. Black feels “quiet” to me, if that makes sense. If I’m wearing a strong colour, I can feel it; I’m always aware of it.

4. Describe your ideal job!

My ideal job would be something where I could make a LOT of money via web dev or my artwork, something creative that would allow me to set my own schedule. It would be heaven to be able to ride in the morning, for example, and code at night. I would like to have the time to learn more about falconry and own my own hawk – but it would be very difficult with a fulltime job and a horse to care for. Someday I would like to realise my dream of doing fantasy portraits of people. (In other words, portraying their fantasy of themselves. Mine would be dressed in a cloak, on a Friesian, with a hawk on one hand.)

5. Do you want kids someday or is Kip, the ferrets and whatever else you have enough for you? :)

I do have a daughter, actually, who lives in the States. Morgaine is my joy and my love, but I’m otherwise not really a child person. I tend to like other people’s children in very small doses. I much prefer animals to children…they tend to not do things like tell you they hate you, steal money from your purse, or get into trouble at school.

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  1. Feel free to interview me in turn. Although I swear this is turning into a test of what I can remember about someone…. I knew about your daughter. Really. Sorta. I did want to ask though, where in N California did you grow up? I’m living here now obviously and have a friend who grew up in Doris and another in Redding. Curious :)

  2. I went to high school in Yreka, actually. Talk about small towns! Redding is pretty close. Before that we lived in Plumas County – about sixty miles due west from Reno. So, of course, I was a 4H-er and barrel racer.

  3. Ok, here goes:

    1. How did you and Tim meet?

    2. What would your ideal job be – if it could be anything you wanted?

    3. How do you think you’ll balance “alternativeness” in your lifestyle with having/raising children? (I speak from personal experience – even mild stuff becomes a bit uncomfortable when you realise that a small child is standing in the doorway -which you could swear that you’d locked!- looking at you.) Feel free to make this friends-only. ;)

    4. Who is your favourite author, and what have their books meant to you?

    5. Do you think cooking is sensual? Alternatively, have you ever felt that there is a magic in cooking? (In other words, do you ever view it as something more than just getting substenance prepared?)

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