Interesting Times

The meeting last night went really well. There doesn’t seem to be a high chance of this being paid work, but I don’t care – I’m intrigued by this project, and it’s been a long time since I’ve really had the desire to get back into my art. Anyway, it’s a small publishing house, horror/suspense, and the books are surprisingly good. I haven’t finished both of them, of course, but I am partway through the one (the more accessible, less hardcore one) that he requested I read first. Visual imagery is already crowding my mind with ideas…it’s been ages since I felt this way. I also like the opportunity to be “pushed” into doing something darker; I’ve always felt that my work is too superficial, too pretty and accessible. This would be something different.

Work today was interesting. I’ll have to post under a friends filter just in case someone from work is reading this, as I’ve been surprised before (the infamous “web designer’s log” episode).

The midges were out in force tonight, all the microscopic bastards having evidently decided to stop defending the Highlands and come down south for the winter. Normally they ignore me, but they were vicious tonight and I’m still scratching. The poor horses are being driven mad.

4 thoughts on “Interesting Times”

  1. *happy cheer*

    letting the artistic urge flourish is good for everyone. So good to see you happy and getting into such a project again! I’ve seen some of your other work that you linked to before and I can see why they sought you out.


  2. Thanks! I am really looking forward to it. Especially since I get to do something really dark and nasty and Chthulu-ish. :)

  3. I know – I feed it to Kip! It helps horses avoid sweet-itch, caused by the bites of midges.

    Marmite is the most foul stuff on the planet, though. Horrible. Blech!

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